Becoming an Adjuster

What makes a good insurance claims adjuster? Every disaster is unique and requires special attention, assessment and empathy. But your first step is to take the courses and get the certifications that will get you deployed. So let’s start there . . .   

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Who needs a Texas license?

The Texas All Lines Adjuster’s License is ESSENTIAL for a lucrative career. Having this license gives you the ability to work claims in over 30 states, which makes you a valuable addition to any roster . . .    

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Home - Adjuster License OnlineOnline VS. Classroom Training

Our online courses offer several benefits over traditional classrooms; you save the costs of hotels, transportation, meals and various other expenses. You don’t have to take time away from family and friends. 24/7 access . . .  

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Home - Adjuster License Online
Reciprocity in over 30 states!
Over 30 states recognize this license via reciprocity thus allowing an
adjuster to enjoy a nearly nationwide scope of operation. This broad
license makes an adjuster much more valuable.