10 Reasons to Become an Adjuster


Still debating on weather or not to become an adjuster? Here are a few reasons that should influence your decision!


#1. Money  

The number ONE reason is to become an adjuster is of course, money. By the time you have turned 18 you have been thoroughly indoctrinated into believing the best way to get a job that will pay a significant income is by getting a “good” education. The institutions advancing this notion are trying to sell you on not just one degree, but two or more! There goal is to make you a perpetual student, racking up more and more debt. The average income for someone with a Bachelor’s degree is just over $53,000. That’s IF you are in the 75% that have been able to find employment. So it will cost you 4 years and about $33,000 in tuition for a 75% shot at $53,000. Or you can train to be a CAT adjuster. Get your Adjuster License, Xactimate certification, and get certified to work State Farm claims (about $1,000 total) in less than 4 months, for an excellent shot at a career in which you can earn over six figures your first year!

#2 Recession-Proof Industry 

How often have you seen articles that predict the end of certain professions? Every few years, market forces and innovative new technologies adversely impact many careers. A career your family has depended on is suddenly at risk. The economy also plays a major role in a lot of careers. A sustained downturn can quickly end a career you had anticipated working for many years yet to come. There are so many variables we have no control over that can bring our financial world crashing down, it is good to know that a few professions are here to stay. Regardless of what the rest of the world does, a WEATHER-BASED PROFESSION will always be needed. If you subscribe to the Climate Change theories, then weather’s role on this industry is about to increase dramatically. (Become an adjuster now and be in on the ground floor!) Insurance Adjusting is not only recession proof but it is impervious to the increasing technological onslaught.

Insurance has become a true foundational necessity in our society. Individuals and businesses have come to rely on it, but more importantly for job stability, all banks and lending institutions absolutely require it. Take home insurance, for instance — no bank will offer a home mortgage without insurance in place. Even if the homeowner defaults, the mortgage company takes over payments or has their own policy for the home. The same is true in every area of insurance — liability, workers’ compensation, automobile, marine insurance, etc. Moreover, losses occur regardless of the economy. Hurricanes don’t care if we’re in a recession. Kitchen fires don’t care if the economy shifts. Auto accidents happen regardless. And insurance adjusters are needed to work these claims, all across the country, year round.

#3 Work Environment 

Most jobs are structured in a way that offer only a singular work environment. But when you become an adjuster, you are in charge! If you are an independent adjuster that works Daily Claims primarily, you can go work a claim which allows you to enjoy being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, or if the weather is a bit disagreeable, spend the day inside writing up claims. You even have the flexibility of how many hours or how many days you work! If you have a family, then you will really appreciate the flexibility this career affords.

Imagine a job where you can come and go as you please — if you get restless in your office, you can switch things up and go handle some outdoor claims. If it’s pouring rain, just do your computer-based work for the day. Work from your home or an office suite. Go out on the road, or work locally. Work alone or with people you enjoy. Interact with people on your claims, or take a quiet day to catch up on paperwork and plan your next route of claims. Set your own hours. Work a four-day or a seven-day work week. An independent insurance adjuster has, we believe, the ideal work environment — the one of his making!

#4 Making a Difference 

Everyone wants their lives to have meaning and most want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Well, this profession gives you the real chance to do just that. Become an adjuster and instead of working for a company that makes widgets or provides a service that only effects people’s lives in a small marginal way at best, as a Texas independent Adjuster, you will be helping people when they need help the most. Your handling of their claim will enable them to get their lives back to some sense of normalcy. You will receive many heart felt Thank You’s that will at times rival the financial compensation. Finishing a hard days work knowing your efforts really did make a difference is very gratifying. Very few professions have this level of satisfaction as a job perk!

Insurance Adjusting is one of the rare careers that are both rewarding and lucrative. An adjuster’s job is truly the business of helping people get back on their feet after they’ve suffered a loss, and he or she is well paid for it. When someone has lost their home to a catastrophic fire, or their valuable belongings to theft, adjusters inspect the loss, assess the damage and help put people back on their feet. Moreover, unlike the door-to-door salesperson, when an Adjuster arrives at your home or business, people are always happy to see them. It’s a great feeling to provide generously for your family by helping people in their hour of need.

#5 Interesting and Challenging Work  

Great reason to become an adjuster — the work is interesting, stimulating and challenging! As a career, it is almost limitless in its versatility — adjusters can specialize according to their interests and talents. They can choose from a safe desk job or an exciting catastrophe adjusting position, and the more experienced and specialized they become, the more interesting the work gets.

#6 Flexibility 

As an independent adjuster, you can pick and choose which companies you’ll work claims for; you can even handle claims for multiple companies. This allows you to schedule claim investigation at convenient times, or on convenient days of the week. The necessary paperwork for those claims can be done at any time of the day or night. In other words, claims work can be scheduled around the most important things in your life. Provided claims are handled in a timely manner, you’re free to be as flexible as you want with your schedule.

#7 Independence 

When you become an adjuster, you make their own hours, and typically travel as much as they want. They can work hard for a short period of time and take it easy the rest of the year if they choose. An independent adjuster may work alongside a spouse or other adjusters as a team. They can develop claims companies, hire other adjusters under them and even grow a large adjusting business in a stable, recession-proof industry. Some prefer to stay right where they are, handling daily claims in their own hometown. They have the freedom to hire someone to do the paperwork and focus 100% on inspection, or dispute resolution, or consulting! The sky’s the limit, when you’re an independent insurance claims adjuster.

#8 Abundant Options  

Become an adjuster and you will have numerous choices regarding your career path. Consider that nearly every aspect of life in this country is insured; there’s insurance for vehicles, homes, boats and planes, personal liability, business liability, workers compensation, farms, large equipment, water parks, schools, etc. If there is something to lose, there’s typically insurance to cover that potential loss. These different coverages are available through thousands of insurance companies and they all neeour family by helping people in their hour of need.

#9 Travel Opportunities 

Catastrophe or “CAT” losses occur virtually everywhere. Although some prefer a career doing “daily claims” in their own hometown, CAT adjusters can choose to travel frequently throughout the country to assess and handle claims. Insurance adjusters end up enjoying and exploring our country in a way few other professions allow. Not only do they travel all over, they also get to stay for a while – usually weeks or months, but occasionally longer.

A person is a product of their experiences. Travel provides us with one of the most expansive ways to broaden our horizons by exposing us to both geographic and cultural diversities. The average person in their lifetime will travel to 15.6 places as in major cities, or other states/regions. This is a great opportunity to satisfy your inner wanderlust, because as a CAT adjuster, you will do that in two or three years! A career as a CAT adjuster will give you the bragging rights to travel most only dream of. Now granted you are ‘visiting’ these locals at a time when NO other tourists are visiting, but hey it still counts!

#10 Ease of Entry 

Years of school and piles of debt are simply not options for most due to economic factors or the need for a quick job change or better pay. There are fortunately some profitable, enjoyable careers that don’t require massive cash and time investments, and one of them is insurance adjusting. Insurance adjusters can make a very good living, have the option to travel, help people daily and, to cap it all off, get a relatively easy start to their career.  

So there you go, 10 compelling reasons to become an adjuster.


.If you are ready for a new career as an Insurance Claims Adjuster,

Reasons to become an adjuster

If you are ready for a new career as an Insurance Claims Adjuster,



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