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The TEXAS All Lines Adjuster License is one of the most respected insurance certifications in America. This TXALA course is a TDI approved Pre-License, Classroom Equivalent course. The All Lines license allows an adjuster to work claims with a virtual nation wide reach.

Our 40 Hour course satisfies all of the Texas Department of Insurance requirements for obtaining your Texas All-Lines Adjuster License. Once you have completed the course and passed the Final Exam, no further testing or coursework is required. All that’s remaining is your submission of your adjuster application and fingerprints to the Texas Department of Insurance for processing.

The Final Exam is a 150 question, multiple choice exam. You must answer at least 70% of the questions to pass the exam. We have worked hard to remove as much of the industry jargon as possible, to make the essential information easy to comprehend.

Our courses (All Lines and Property & Casualty) are 100% online and self paced. You can complete the entire course from the comfort of your home or office.

Aspiring independent adjusters seeking certification will have to select a license that best suits their goals.  In most states you have the option of selecting an All-Lines, Property & Casualty, or Workers’ Compensation Adjuster license. Workers’ comp is self-explanatory but what is the difference between All-Lines and P&C? Basically the All-Lines includes Workers’ Comp certification and P&C does not. Below is a quick look at the different lines in the All Lines course:

Property and Casualty Insurance Basics
⦁ Property and casualty insurance terms and definitions
⦁ Policy structure
⦁ Common policy provisions
Adjusting Losses
⦁ Property and liability losses
⦁ Claim adjustment procedures
⦁ Role of the adjuster
Dwelling and Homeowners Policies
⦁ General form structure
⦁ Types of coverages
⦁ Coverage conditions, exclusions, and selected endorsements
Auto Insurance
⦁ Key terms and definitions
⦁ Types of auto
⦁ Personal auto policy coverage parts
⦁ Business auto coverage form
Commercial Package Policies
⦁ General form structure
⦁ Coverage forms and their characteristics
Business owners Policy
⦁ Characteristics and purpose
⦁ Property and liability Description

The All-Lines adjuster license certifies you to handle all of the above lines of insurance and represents the most comprehensive license available.

Applying for your All Lines Adjuster License

1. To use a Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course to get your license, you must reside in Texas or a state that does not offer licensing for insurance adjusters. There are many states such as Colorado, Virginia, Tennessee, Nebraska, Kansas, etc. that do not require licensing to work in their state as an adjuster. If you live in one of those states, you can come get a Texas Insurance Adjuster License just like any other Texas resident. Texas would then be your “designated home state” license.

2. Take the TEXAS All Lines Adjuster Licensing Course. This course meets all the education and testing requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance. You will take our online class and be required to pass the online Final Exam with a score of at least 70%. You are allowed to take the test more than once if needed. When you finish the course, you will be mailed a certificate of completion once we have recieved the Student & Proctor Affidavits.

3. Fingerprints. The fastest method is Electronic Fingerprinting for those physically in Texas. They use IdentoGo Centers by MorphoTrust USA to gather fingerprints. You make an appointment, and go to one of their locations for fingerprint scanning. They will provide you with a receipt which you will submit along with your application to TDI. If you are not physically in Texas, electronic fingerprinting is not an option (unless you want to travel to Texas). If you are not in Texas, you must request a fingerprint card which you receive in the mail. You would take that card to a local law enforcement agency to get the fingerprints made on the card you were mailed. The card would then need to be mailed back to IdentoGo for them to digitize. They would then email you a receipt when it is finished which would be used in your application.

4. Submitting your application. You must send it to TDI. You will need the following: The course completion certificate, payment for $50 state fee, and fingerprint receipt from IdentoGo.


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