Unique windows of opportunity

Every few years there will be a major storm, such as Sandy, Ike, Katrina and Matthew. Because of overwhelming demand for adjusters, this is a great opportunity for those who have been unable to break into the business in the past. What often happens is that new adjusters are hired in staggering numbers. Just about anyone that can fog a mirror will get a chance.

However, these unique windows of opportunity are short lived. Chance favors those who are ready and prepared.

So what should you do?

1) Get your Adjuster’s license (All Lines or Property & Casualty), ASAP!

Since you don’t know what state or states will be impacted by a future weather event, what state should you get licensed in?

The answer… TEXAS! Since it is accepted in over 30 states, your odds are good you will be covered. Some states require you get you home state’s license before you can get the Texas license. Check State Requirements to determine what your state requires.

What if the storm hits one of the states the Texas license does not cover? Don’t worry, usually an emergency temporary license will be offered. But this is not something you need to worry about obtaining since the Adjusting Agency you are rostered with secures these for the adjusters they will deploy. Only prerequisite is that you already have an All Lines or Property & Casualty license.

You can take and pass either course in as little as a week, but most take longer. And then there is the time for the mail to deliver your Completition Certificate (typically 3 days). Then the time for TDI in Austin to process your paperwork and mail you your Adjuster’s License (typically 10 days to two weeks). So, the time to get it done is NOW!

2) Get your Xactimate Certification

This is the estimating software you will be using to work your claims. More than anything else, your success in this business is tied to your ability to use this product. Once you have your certification find out when the next Adjusting Agency near you is having a training class. (Every Adjusting Agency has their own training for those who wish to work through them. Usually, it is a 3 to 5 day course.) Xactware will issue you a temporary license that will be active through your training. While waiting your training, practice as much as you can!!!

3) Get on the roster of several Adjusting Agencys

As soon as TDI sends you your Texas license, apply with the following agencies; (CLICK… State Requirements)


To become an Insurance Adjuster, you need either the “All Lines” or the “Property & Casualty” license.

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