State Farm Certification

State Farm Certification

State Farm is the largest insurance carrier in the country.

Most insurance companies require adjusters to hold their specific certification in order to work their claims. You’ll need the State Farm Certification even if you work for an independent adjusting company that handles State Farm claims on a contract basis

Getting the State Farm Certification gives you an edge as an adjuster.

New adjusters wanting every advantage in building their new career, should look into getting certified with State Farm.This will give you the best chance of deployment.

Oddly, State Farm does not offer a class, you will have to get the certification from one of the following five Adjuster Firms; Eberl, Renfroe, Pilot, Worley or The Best IRS. They will mail you study materials weeks before the class. There is a lot of material you need to know before the class so give yourself enough time to prepare. Another ‘oddity’ – these five adjuster firms do not list the State Farm courses on their websites! (It is as if it is a closely guarded secret.)

Price for the three day class is around $150.

Typically, the first day is spent going over the items that are on the test.

The second day usually is a Live Broadcast from State Farm, followed by a test.

Third day is another test that covers wind/hail and estimating.

These companies do a great job and are really there to help students pass. Usual class size is 50 to 75. Most pass both tests and are placed on their roster.

Bottom line, get certified! State Farm Certification increases your odds getting on rosters which will increase your chances of deployment.


To get started in a career as an Insurance Adjuster:

First step… you have to get an Adjuster License, All Lines or Property & Casualty. We offer both of these licenses through Texas, because of the 30 state reciprocity! This one license gives you a large geographic reach to work claims. Even if you have a license in another state, you will still want a Texas license. Click Register.

Second step…  Xactimate certification. Click Classes.

Third step… is to take an Adjuster course from one of over two dozen IR Firms. This teaches you the protocols for the Insurance companies the IR Firm contracts with. Click Adjuster Firms.

Fourth step… State Farm Certification. Click State Farm.