A Day in the Life of an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Being an insurance claims adjuster is more than just taking online adjuster training classes and obtaining an insurance adjuster license. It also involves traveling at a moment’s notice, spending several days away from home, and interviewing many people.


In many cases, the life of a Texas adjuster starts by receiving a call or email from an insurance company, asking him to handle a claim or even multiple claims at the same time. After getting the relevant details from the company, the adjuster sets off to the home or office of the policyholder, either by car, bus, or plane.


Once he arrives at the site, the adjuster will have to interview the policyholder and ensure his story matches the details that are on the claim. The adjuster will then inspect the damage that the property (e.g. car or house) incurred; if it’s a medical claim, he’ll check on the patient’s condition and monitor the hospital bills. The adjuster will also need to speak with other people aside from the policyholder (such as witnesses, police officers, and medical staff) to obtain additional details and verify facts.


As mentioned above, the claims adjuster will most likely juggle several claims at the same time, which means he’ll have to meet with many people within the day and week. This requires good time management abilities and excellent communication skills to ensure that he obtains all the info he needs while expressing empathy for the people who have suffered from a significant loss or tragedy.


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