All Lines or P&C???

Which course should I take?

Want to be an Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster, but don’t know which course to take? Do you take the ALL LINES or the PROPERTY & CASUALTY course? Every new adjuster faces this dilemma, worried a wrong choice could negatively impact their career.

Let’s first go over all of the many aspects of the courses that differentiate them from each other. Well, the first is Workman’s Comp. The ALL LINES course includes it, and the P&C course does not. Actually Workman’s Compensation is the only difference! These two courses are almost identical, except for the very small part of the ALL LINES course devoted to Workman’s Comp.

Why are there two courses so similar? Very few Insurance Adjusters want to work Workman’s Comp claims, so after failed attempts to inform new adjusters that they don’t have to work these claims, an additional course was established that left out Workman’s Comp. That’s the simple of it.

If you just want to chase storm claims – don’t worry, you will never be called on to deal with Workman’s Comp claims anyway. Only local Staff Adjusters are assigned those Claims. So it doesn’t matter which license you get, as an Independent Adjuster, you will never be called on to work them.

OK, so if it doesn’t matter which course I take (regarding Workman’s Comp), what is the smart move? Pretty much 6 of one and 1/2 dozen the other. There is a school of thought that the ALL LINES license is one better than the P&C license, since an Adjuster holding that license could in an emergency situation, work a Workman’s Comp claim, thus making you more valuable to an Adjusting Firm

I have never heard of an Adjuster Firm choosing to deploy one Adjuster over another because of having an ALL LINES instead of a P&C license.

Another school of thought is that you should pack your resume with as many courses and licenses as possible, like adding HAZWOPER. This group would say, take BOTH courses and have both licenses. That is so unnecessary, but since I personally have both licenses, maybe I should keep my opinion to myself!