Save Money & Get a Texas Adjuster License — From Anywhere!

Becoming an Adjuster Gives You Freedom

If a career with financial freedom is what you are looking for, consider getting an adjuster license online. This career allows you the quality of life that many people wish for, plus freedom from the constraints of an office cubicle. Here are some things to consider about being an insurance adjuster:

  • You work for yourself. Once you get your Texas adjuster license (via our online courses), you can join the rosters of several different adjuster firms. This allows you to work as an independent adjuster as opposed to working within the confines of being an employee tied to a single firm.
  • You generate your own clients. By choosing which adjuster firms to work for and deciding what storms to work, you can determine to a large extent how much you will work in a given year. By deciding which firm’s rosters you want to be listed on, you avoid becoming the victim of working for a horrible boss.

A person who can endure the hardships often found in working storm cases, finds they are in essence condensing time. Instead of working twelve months a year, the average CAT (catastrophe) Adjuster is deployed about six months and still earns an impressive income. This frees up a large part of your year while at the same time providing you with enough cash to properly enjoy the down time!

To get started, register for either the Texas All Lines or Texas Property & Casualty course with (TXALA) Adjuster License Online, and start living life on your terms.