Commonly Encountered Summer Claims

If you have just gone through Texas adjuster online training and received your adjuster license, you’re probably looking forward to the summer season. After all, the weather is far nicer than it is during winter, which means you won’t have to deal with many serious incidents and you’ll have enough time to go on vacation. Right?

Well, not really. Sure, summertime doesn’t bring about intense snowstorms that cause road accidents and destroy properties, but it has its own set of challenges. As an adjuster, you’ll most likely deal with one or more of the following claims during the warm summer months:


Property Damage Claims

People obviously get more active during summer since the sun is out and there are many fun activities to take part in. Unfortunately, this higher level of energy can lead to several types of property damage. Misused or defective barbecue grills, for example, can lead to house fires as well as to serious injuries. Firecrackers and fireworks (which are popular during the Fourth of July) can also destroy homes and vehicles. Just this year, illegal fireworks damaged at least four homes in North Lawndale, Chicago, and left the properties with broken windows, destroyed fences, and damaged siding.

Of course, it’s not just people who cause property damage. Mother Nature can also contribute to it through thunderstorms, which usually happen during summer because it provides the right amount of moisture and warm air for the storms to develop. Thunderstorms may look beautiful from a distance but, if one happens in a neighborhood, people can find themselves dealing with lightning and flash floods — both of which can seriously damage houses and apartments.

Vehicle Accident Claims

Aside from property damage claims, vehicle accident claims also become more rampant during summer, with minor fender benders occurring along with more serious incidents like multiple vehicle collisions. This isn’t really surprising since the warm weather spurs a lot of people to get inside their cars and RVs and go on road trips which, in turn, increases the volume of vehicles on the road and the chances of road traffic accidents. The summer season also brings about the right weather for parties, which means there are more incidences of intoxicated motorists who don’t have full control over their vehicles on the streets.

Of course, vehicle accidents are not limited on land since marine accidents can also take place. Many people go fishing and boating during summer and some even take part in races, which both increase the number of sea vessels on the water and raise the likelihood of collisions. Summer storms are also a culprit since they can leave boats with broken masts and sails and even capsize them. People who are still learning to sail can also contribute to accidents; since they might not be able to fully control the boat, they might collide with other vessels or cause the boat to run aground.


These are just some of the claims that adjusters commonly deal with during summertime. Don’t yet have your adjuster license? Don’t worry since you can easily get one by signing up here for online adjuster training. It’s a simple and comprehensive way to learn the theory behind insurance claims adjustment and get your license ASAP.


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