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The Insurance Institute of America (IIA)

The Insurance Institute of America was founded in 1909. They merged with the American Institute for Property and Liability Underwriters in 1953. In 1998, the Insurance Research Council also became part of the Insurance Institute of America. They are today known as “The Institutes.”

The Institutes are regarded as the standard for designations in the insurance profession.

AIC Designation

The primary designation for an insurance adjuster is Associate in Claims, or AIC.
This generally takes several years to obtain. Sort of the equivalent to getting an MBA in business. It will take a considerable investment in time, but if you are serious about a future in this industry, this is a designation you will want.

How important is the AIC to Adjusting Firms?

Knowledge is great, but being able to handle the pressure of a deployment is far more important to Adjusting Firms. The designation shows them you are indeed serious, but it does not reveal your work ethic and ability to survive adverse environmental conditions. Competence is key.
If you prove yourself to them, they will see you as a long term asset, and will do everything they can to help you advance in this industry.
So it is more important to master the basics, like Xactimate, than spending a lot of time in the beginning chasing certificates.

What is the bottom line on the designations?

They will be more important to the Staff Adjuster. Insurance companies recognize and appreciate the time and effort involved in obtaining the AIC designation. This training is also essential for advancement.

They are not nearly as important to the Independent Adjuster, but you can never underestimate the power of a perception of competence you surely must have by obtaining all the possible designations and certificates!


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