Diversity – Adjusting & You


Adjusting firms are in fierce competition for the work offered by the Insurance Companies. Having competent Adjusters is a given and fully expected. So how does an IA Firm differentiate themselves from the others? Diversity! In today’s world, having a diverse work force is essential for survival.

Several companies have taken a quantum leap in precise demographic maps to provide companies with more effective marketing tools. A few IA (Independent Adjuster) Firms are setting themselves apart from the pack, by taking advantage of this targeted data.

Companies such as Social-Graphics out of San Diego, and 180Marketing in Austin, offer extremely accurate and detailed demographic maps using proprietary research methods to identify neighborhoods by ethnicity, sexual orientation, income, politics, age, education, interests, careers, vehicle preference, family structures, familial values, cultural values, etc. These maps are then overlaid onto storm maps from companies like Stormpulse, Hurricane Track and AnythingWeather. This gives the IA Firm a demographic insight as to the claimants they will be working claims for.

The problem most IA Firms have is that their adjusters are primarily white macho males, who drive pick-up trucks. The very ones most likely to be recognized as neo-Nazis! For some neighborhoods, that works, but do you really want to send a hateful right-winger to a minority neighborhood? Not if you can help it! What about a neighborhood that has a strong LGBT presence? An Adjuster that has a “metro-sexual” demeanor would be preferable to a homophobic heterosexual type. Are you starting to get the picture?

The goal is to make the claimant feel more comfortable with the Adjuster handling their claim. So more and more attention is being paid to the social image an Adjuster projects. The belief is that this will result in happier and more loyal customers.

IA Firms have very little in-person interaction with the Adjusters on their rosters, to enable them to make any kind of social assessments. Other than deployment phone calls, the only time to really evaluate an Adjuster is when they at the Firm taking their course. The instructors are therefore on high alert to identify individuals that would be a good fit for communities not likely to be Trump supporters.

If you are a minority or female, you have an inherited advantage. But what if you are a white male? What can you do to keep from being identified as a gun loving, bigoted redneck? If you are a xenophobic Republican, you can either get professional help, or appear to be socially tolerant by some subtle outward displays of your lost inner beliefs. T-shirts are not allowed, so forget about getting a “Hillary for 2016” shirt on ebay! Since you will be using your personal laptop when at an IA Firm for their course, the back of the monitor is the best place to self identify. First you will need to peel off the NRA sticker and replace it with either a “Coexist” “Pro-Choice” “ACLU” “Climate Change” or similar sticker.

A heart-felt belief comes through better than acting, so some personal reflection would be a good place to start. But if for some reason you feel obligated to cling to your guns and religion, try the following; when lunch rolls around, ask your instructor if he knows of a Vegan restaurant close by. Or ask if he knows of a fueling station for your Prius. Some of the course study incorporates classroom discussions. Try and work in phrases, like Social-Justice, Affirmative-Action, Civil Liberties, Progressive, Compassion and of course – Diversity! Don’t bank on just one thing, it will likely be an over all impression that will get you tagged for a demographic folder. That quite literally translates into more claims you will work, and more deposits into your bank account.


To get started as an Insurance Claims Adjuster, you need to take either the All Lines or Property & Casualty course.

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