How are CAT Adjusters paid?

How are CAT Adjusters paid

Let’s first establish the ‘Job Description’ of a Catastrophe Adjuster… A CAT Adjuster denies, settles, or authorizes payments to property claims based on coverage, appraisal, and verifiable damage. The adjuster then prepares reports of investigation findings and files the claim with the Adjuster Firm (IA Firm) they are deployed with.

Independent CAT Adjusters get paid several different ways, but mainly by splitting the fee bill with the IA Firm. In other words, you split the profits from working the claim. Usually the adjuster earns 50 to 70%. But the way you get paid and how much you get paid vary widely by the different IA Firms and pay differs by the nature of the claim. There are Fee Schedules, Time and Expense (T&E), Splits, Per Claim Rates and Daily Rates. Typically on a hurricane claim, you will earn $400 per claim. Then the question is how many claims a day can you work? An experienced adjuster can work 4 to 6 a day.

Daily Rates – typically $700 a day (usually for “inside” adjusters). T&E – typically $65 to $95 per hour. Most all of an adjuster’s out of pocket expenses are covered, such as telephone, faxes, photographs and mileage. Pay is every two weeks with every IA Firm I am familiar with.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average Claims Adjuster in 2012 earned $61,530 a year. According to the Insurance Education Centers of America in 2016, CAT Adjusters average $71,500 annually. The IECA also states that CAT Adjusters typically earn between 60 & 70 percent of the value of claims they file. On average, approximately $400 per claim filed, and can typically file between 2 & 5 claims per day.

Keep in mind that CAT Adjusters typically only work half a year, whereas Auto claims adjuster work year round and average $62,400 a year.


To get started as an Independent CAT Adjuster, you must have either the

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