How You Can Benefit From Reciprocity

When you research about getting an adjuster license online, one of the most common terms you’ll encounter is “reciprocity”. Many articles will tell you that reciprocity is a good thing, but what exactly is it and how can it help you?

In the insurance adjustment industry, “reciprocity” means that adjusters can obtain a license in a state wherein they’re not a resident, without having to take an exam and submit various requirements. This term is usually associated with the Texas claims adjuster license since Texas has reciprocity agreements with several other states.

Reciprocity benefits both residents and non-resident adjusters since it makes it easier for them to get licenses in other states and increase the geographical market that they can cover. For instance, if you’re a Texan with an adjuster license, you can get a non-resident license in another state with a reciprocity agreement from Texas, and you can handle claims in that state. Similarly, if you’re a non-Texan adjuster, you can get an adjuster license in Texas and handle claims within it — as long as your home state has a reciprocity agreement with Texas.

If you’re a Texas resident, you can watch this video to know how you can get your Texas claims adjuster license. Or, better yet, head straight to to sign up for online adjuster license training right away.



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