Hurricane devastation creates careers!



“Every cloud (hurricane) has a silver lining!” Regardless of the disaster, man made, geological or weather, there are those that profit in both the short and long term. Career opportunities in Insurance Claims Adjusting are created across the country with just one strong storm.

The official Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November. September is the most common month for hurricanes making landfall in the U.S., followed by August and October.

The atmospheric scientists at Colorado State University (CSU), predict that the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season will produce approximately average activity, as there is considerable uncertainty if El Nino conditions will persist through the Atlantic hurricane season. The June report anticipates 14 named storms (including subtropical storm Andrea), six hurricanes, and two major hurricanes in 2019. A typical year has 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.

This year’s hurricane season is being kicked off by a wicked tropical storm named Barry.

As of this posting (Saturday 7/13/19 @ 8:00am) projections for heavy inland rain of 10-20″+ stretch as far north as Missouri. New Orleans is bracing for storm surge and high winds. Sustained winds are at 70 mph, and gusts at 75 mph. Multiple flash flooding threats. There are also isolated tornado threats.

So what does all this mean to you? Simply put, opportunity is knocking! There is no better time to become an Insurance Claims Adjuster than at the beginning of the Hurricane season. Because of the strict laws regulating insurance companies – backed with heavy fines, there is extreme urgency to initiate work on the claims resulting from this hurricane. Newly licensed Adjusters with NO previous experience are deployed to the field. Independent Adjusters from around the country, including Staff Adjusters are summoned. Pretty much, anyone that can ‘fog a mirror’ is given a chance at a career opportunity.

How do you get started? Weather you want to be a Staff Adjuster and work locally, or be an Independent Adjuster and work claims across the country, the first step is to get your Adjuster License. There are two licenses available; the ALL LINES, and the PROPERTY & CASUALTY. If you want to be a Staff Adjuster, you will need the All Lines license. If you are interested in becoming an Independent Adjuster, then either license works for you. The only real difference in the two is Workman’s Comp, which is in the All Lines license.

The best licenses are from TEXAS! Why? Texas literally wrote the book on insurance. Because they did such a through and comprehensive job, over 30 states accept the Texas license through reciprocity. Having just this one license, gives you a virtual nationwide reach to work claims. In an emergency situation such as we are seeing with Barry, provisional licensing occurs to cover the short term, but if you have a Texas license, you will be deployed ahead of those that require this additional paperwork. It also shows the Adjusting Firms that you are serious about having a career as an Adjuster.


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