Insurance Adjusters Play an Important Part in Natural Disaster Recovery

Insurance Adjusters Role in Disaster Recovery

It wasn’t that long ago Texas experienced an incredible amount of rain, and subsequently incredible flood damage. As you can see in the video below, the state – typically dry and in a drought at the time – just wasn’t prepared for all that water.

Natural disasters happen all the time, whether it was 2005’s Hurricane Katrina or the seemingly ongoing California wildfires, nature has a way of acting up from time to time. While damage and disasters are tragic, no matter the cause, it’s also an opportunity for insurance adjusters to help out the people affected by the catastrophe. For example, the Texas flooding from earlier this year resulted in about $1.1 billion in insurance claims.

Claims adjusters are there to walk people through the process of repairing and moving forward with their life. And in just a few hours, you can obtain your adjuster license and be one of the ones to help people pick up the pieces – no matter the situation.

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