STAFF ADJUSTERS & the Texas license


Staff Adjusters & Texas license

Employee turnover is on the mind of every potential employer as they asses your resume.

Training employees – Costs by Dollar Value.
The costs to replace an employee vary by their earning level, so training costs also vary. The Sasha Corporation averaged the results of 15 studies that determined average costs to replace an $8 per hour employee, determining an average cost of $9,444.47 per turnover.

Commitment to the career:

The best way to convince a local insurance company you are not a job or career-hopping risk, is by showing them you are serious about a career in Adjusting. Of course the best way to accomplish that is by having a TEXAS license! All successful adjusters have a Texas license. Why? Thanks to Reciprocity, a Texas license enables you to work claims in over 30 states. This gives you a virtual nation-wide reach which makes you a more valuable asset. Even though Staff Adjusters primarily work local claims, there are occasions you will be called upon to travel.

The importance of making a good first impression cannot be overstated. Having a Texas license on your resume demonstrates you are serious about this career.



The first thing you need to do to become an Insurance Claims Adjuster, whether a Staff Adjuster or Independent Adjuster, is to get licensed. There are two licenses to choose from; the ALL LINES license, and the PROPERTY & CASUALTY license. Which license you get depends on what type of adjuster you are interested in. Staff Adjusters need the All Lines license, since it covers Workman’s Compensation. An Independent Adjuster only needs the Property & Casualty license.


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