Thinking of Switching Careers?



.Thinking of switching careers?

3 Reasons to Become an Insurance Adjuster:
Maybe your career has plateaued and you don’t see anywhere to move up in your current company, or maybe you’ve been playing around with switching industries for a while now, either way, it may be time to consider a career in adjusting. With Adjuster License Online, you can get your insurance adjuster license after completing one of our two online courses. Our system is set up to be easy to understand (without tons of industry jargon) so you’ll quickly be able to obtain your All Lines Adjuster License and be able to work fire, personal injury, automotive, residential, commercial, inland marine, ocean marine and worker’s compensation claims.

Once you’ve completed the course, then what? What exactly does an insurance adjuster do? When an accident happens, they’re called in to examine and take notes on the damage, gather information and pull it together for a report, pass the report to a claims examiner and wait for their decision, and then pass that information along to the claimant.

Working as a claims adjuster, specifically an independent insurance adjuster, has some benefits that may surprise you. Three features of being an insurance you might not have considered:

No Degree is Required

An insurance adjuster is required to have analysis and communication skills, as well as a strong moral code. A college degree isn’t required, and while it looks good on a resume, most employers will be impressed with industry certifications and courses (like Insurance Adjuster Online). So whether you decided to go down a path that didn’t lead to a university, or didn’t want to succumb to student loans just yet, after taking our online insurance adjuster course, you’ll still be able to hold down a stable, professional job that can very well lead to a career.

Varied Work Assignments

While the job entails mastering some estimating software, and what can be perceived as medial admin duties, the day-to-day tasks vary widely based on the claims you’ll be tackling. For instance, in the auto insurance field: one day you might need to help a claimant report a fender-bender while another day you might be dealing with a hit and run or four-car pileup. When disasters strike (think hurricanes, tornadoes, hail or wildfires), you’ll be required to visit damaged areas. The people and situations you will have to deal with on a daily basis will differ greatly – this keeps the job from becoming mundane, and even adds a bit of excitement since you don’t necessarily know what you’ll be dealing with when you start work each morning.

Be Your Own Boss

If you choose to become an independent insurance adjuster, then you have the ability to be your own boss. You won’t have to worry about clocking in an out, being shackled to a cubicle eight hours a day or answering to someone else. Typically, your hiring insurance agency will assign you a set of claims, you then get paid when those claims are closed. The amount of hours and the set hours you choose to work on those claims are up to you.



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