Understanding Rotation . . .

When I took my Adjuster Course from Amcat in Dallas (after I had obtained my Adjuster License), I was “introduced” to the practice of Rotation.

Amcat has a four day course that teaches new adjusters what they really need to know to be an adjuster. The pre-licensing courses (All Lines and Property & Casualty) give you an insurance background that has little to do with actual adjusting!

There are over fifteen Adjuster Firms that give these courses on specific protocols they require from adjusters wishing to be placed on their rosters. Surprisingly, they differ from firm to firm. But each firm has their own way of working claims and their own requirements for processing claims.

On the last day of my training with Amcat a major hail storm hit the Dallas area. My reaction was … Great! I will pass Amcat’s course and get deployed tomorrow. I was however, disappointed to learn about ROTATION.

It seems that each adjuster firm contracts with only a few of the most popular insurance companies, and these insurance companies request the services of an adjusting firm on a rotational basis. So even though Amcat was the closest firm to the storm, another company was given the work, because they were up next in the rotation.

It is not perhaps the most efficient way of doing business, but all the insurance companies have adopted this practice.

What does this mean to you – a brand new adjuster? While you are watching the “Employment Channel” (AKA The Weather Channel), don’t get excited or disheartened by the distance of an event. It will go to the adjuster firms that are next on the rotational lists. This is why it is necessary to get on the rosters of several adjuster firms.

You should always be ready to deploy. Have your gear together so you can depart within a few hours of getting a call.


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