What if I have a Felony?


Is it possible to obtain a Texas Insurance License with a felony on your record?

TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) looks at your record and makes a judgement on a Case-By-Case basis. Unless it is a particularly heinous offense, they will usually allow it.

These are the questions on your TDI application that deal with criminal backgrounds:
(Traffic violations and first offense DWI are excluded)

1. Do you have any pending misdemeanor or felony charges?
2. Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?
3. Have you ever had adjudication deferred on any misdemeanor or felony charges?
4. Have you ever served probation for a misdemeanor or felony?

If you answer YES to any of these, you must then submit copies of the related documents.

Here is the good news:   TDI allows you to attach a letter about all the details from your point of view. For instance, the extenuating circumstances that may have led up to the offense. What they are looking for is a belief that you are an honest individual that just made a one time mistake. It becomes a liability issue for them if they give a license to someone who is a danger to the public.

You are also allowed to submit as many letters of recommendation that you may have. These letters should address the conviction and how that behavior is no longer reflected in your character.

Unfortunately, they do not make a judgement on you criminal history in advance. You are required to pass a pre-licensing course FIRST before you can submit your application with your letter of explanation and letters of recommendation. You can have them walk you through the process, but don’t try to plead your case over the phone. Texas Department of Insurance… 512-676-6500.


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