What To Do AfterYou Are Licensed

Insurance adjusters are in high demand in any economy, as it doesn’t rely on economic factors, but rather on the circumstances with which claims are based on. Considering that claims remain steady, and even increase during natural disasters, working as an insurance adjuster offers plenty of benefits.


If you want to be a successful adjuster, you are going to want to be licensed to work claims in as many other states as possible. This is why the Texas license is considered crucial. With just this one license you are able to work in over 30 states!


Decide between being a Staff or Independent Adjuster

With an adjuster license, you can choose to work for an insurance company or work independently. There are advantages and disadvantages either way, and proper examination of each would help you make a well-informed decision.


  • In terms of compensation

A staff adjuster gets a small percentage of the total settlement. In relation to the ultimate claim settlement, compensation for a public adjuster is often minimal. Their job scope may also be limited to a particular location or company policy, prohibiting them from taking on more jobs than what is on offer. Working privately, on the other hand, offers the opposite. Because an independent adjuster is deployed to wherever their skills are needed, they earn a substantial amount.


  • In terms of job security

Even when there are restrictions when working with an insurance company, staff adjusters are paid like a regular employee, regardless if there are claims or not. This offers more job security than an independent adjuster, where the pay only comes when claims are made under their supervision.


Choosing an Insurance Adjusting Company

If you decide to become a staff adjuster, it is important to choose the right company to work for. Your choice could depend on various factors, most important of which is compensation and benefits. Salary range for staff adjusters can be anywhere from $25,000 to $80,000, depending on skills and experience. If you are considered one of the better adjusters, the company you work for should recognize this and offer the most appropriate compensations, benefits or both.


An insurance adjusting company with a good reputation is also a great choice. The more reliable it is the more clients you are likely to get. Paired with your skills and integrity, your career could soar to new heights.


What Is Expected from You

An adjuster license is not enough if you want to be a successful claims adjuster. You need to prove your worth by doing your job right, which is easier with the right training. You must be proficient with Xactimate, an industry-standard claims writing software, in order to succeed. You should also undergo a practical adjusting course and hands-on training on top of software training.


The best thing you can do to increase your appeal to an adjusting firm or insurance company is to have a Texas license. Even if you already have an adjuster’s license from your home state, you still need the Texas license. Because of the reciprocity Texas enjoys, you are able to work claims in over 30 states!

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