What You Need to Know to Become Adjuster

You probably know a few people who work as an insurance claims adjuster or have encountered someone in that position if you’ve ever made an insurance claim in the past. But what exactly do these people do? And, if you’re planning to switch careers, will becoming an adjuster be a great choice for you?

Some insurance claims adjusters work for companies that offer home, auto, business and property insurance as well as other types of coverage. Others work as independent contractors and therefore have full control over their time. There is no educational requirements other than high school (or equivalent) AND having an insurance adjuster license before you can start practicing. You must also have specific personality traits and abilities, such as keen attention to detail, excellent analytical skills, and good communication skills.

Becoming an insurance claims adjuster can be beneficial since you won’t be confined to an office and you can manage your own schedule. However, you do have to be prepared to handle several claims at the same time and manage your time wisely. (For a better idea of insurance adjuster requirements and job aspects, check out the video below.)

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