Best vehicle for an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Since there is no right or wrong answer, lets look at the different factors;

Let’s start with, what is the most used vehicle in this business? Pickup truck. This is true with most construction related businesses. The Pickup reigns supreme!

Status symbol? Pickup trucks are an important status symbol in most construction related fields. The bigger, badder and toughest looking the better. Sometimes being able to carry a heavy load is necessary, and having a badass truck that makes it look easy, will certainly be a plus. How much of a status symbol is it for an Adjuster? Not much really. You work alone, so there isn’t a boss, supervisor or co-workers to impress. Just you and the homeowner.

As an Adjuster, there are often difficult driving conditions – high water and mud. But that is rare. When I was working Hurricane Ike in Houston and Corpus Christi, we were simply not allowed in certain areas until they were navigable. So yes you will run into rough driving conditions, but rarely do you need the 4-wheel drive advantage of an off-road Pickup.

What about vehicle theft? Well, if you look at the top 10 “most stolen vehicles” for 2017, you will see that 3 Pickup trucks made the list! #3 was the Ford Pickup (full-size). #4 was the Chevrolet Pickup (full-size). And #7 was the Dodge Pickup (full-size).

What about tools being stolen? Even though you can secure most of your gear in a Pickup, it still has an ‘openess’ that looks inviting to a would be thief.

The last consideration I would have you think about is… sleeping! No one wants to sleep in their vehicle, but there will be a few times when you don’t have a choice. So which vehicle would let you stretch out for a comfortable night’s shut-eye? (Tell you in a minute)

By now I am sure you are wondering what I would suggest. Well, this will likely make you question my wisdom and advice, but here it is . . . I would suggest (because it is what I used) is a MINIVAN! OK, now that you have finished laughing, let me make my case. First of all, I pulled out the rear bench and both of the back seats. It was like an ENCLOSED Pickup Truck! This totally changed the dynamics.

Since there isn’t an employer or other employees to impress, no need for a status symbol. Just because we operate in challenging conditions, doesn’t mean we need some big wheel off-road monster truck. Just about every car made today is capable of traversing the conditions we face. Minivans are not targets for car thieves! Did not make the top 10 list, and probably didn’t make the top 20 either! Since your tools are hidden inside, you are less likely to attract people looking to steal contents. And finally – sleeping! This is where my Minivan won the most points with me!


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