Why Is The Winter So Busy For Adjusters

If you’ve decided to become an insurance adjuster, you probably already know that you’ll have work all year round. After all, fires, burglaries, and road traffic accidents can happen at any time so, more likely than not, there will be plenty of cases for you to handle no matter the season.

But here’s the thing: if you observe closely, you’ll notice that adjusters become even busier during the winter months. It’s not just because of the holiday season, although increased travel for the holidays does play a factor. Freezing temperatures and an increased likelihood of those dreaded winter storms also have an influence. In fact, based on previous years, we’ve noticed three main reasons why insurance adjusters’ schedules heat up when the temperature drops. These include:

Winter storms

While a few feet of snow may delight children (Snow day! Snowmen!), they can wreak havoc on homes. During cold weather, ice dams can form on the roofs of houses and cause water to seep through the shingles. When this happens, homeowners will notice water leaking from their ceiling; if the problem goes on unfixed, their walls and even the foundation of their house can incur water damage. They can also have problems with mold and mildew due to the dampness in the walls.

Aside from ice dams, winter storms can also bring about collapsed roofs (from heavy snow) and flooded basements. Both of these require the immediate attention of adjusters since they must be fixed ASAP.

Not only that, but heavy rain and snow can lead to major trouble on the roads which leads us to…

Road accidents

Harsh weather won’t only damage houses but can also make roads unsafe for pedestrians and motorists. Because of this, the number of road accidents tends to increase during the depths of winter. Slippery roads and limited visibility can spell bad news for drivers, which keeps insurance adjusters on their toes throughout the season. Not only does an accident cause damage to a car, but it can cause injuries. This means insurance claims adjusters become busy as they deal with those who file auto and health insurance claims.

House fires

It might seem surprising, but winter is also a time where insurance adjusters notice an increase in house fires. Homeowners, for one thing, get cold when the overnight temperature drops and often leave their fireplaces or heaters on the entire night. Christmas decorations also play a role, especially when homeowners display lit candles around the house or plug a lot of holiday lights in a single wall outlet. Extra cooking and the general chaos of the holidays may also mean stoves or ovens go unchecked, causing items to burn and catch fire.

Whatever the unfortunate reasoning, winter is nonetheless an important season on the insurance adjuster’s calendar. Register now for one of the 40 hour online adjuster training courses offered via Adjuster License Online and get your Texas Claims Adjuster License in time to start practicing this winter.