The 350-year-old piano

  Occasionally adjusters run across clients that are rich. In the beginning of your career, everything you see is going to blow your mind. Later on everything is just numbers. That is how you deal with it. If you get paralyzed every time you see a Farri, you are in the wrong line of work! […]

Hurricanes Happen!

Hurricane season is fast approaching. The time to get ready is Now! Hurricanes are major catastrophic events. The demand for adjusters is always overwhelming. New adjusters that have had a difficult time in the past getting hired are now aggressively sought after. Hurricanes are unique opportunities and the widow of opportunity closes quickly. The trick is […]

Designations & Certificates

            The Insurance Institute of America (IIA) The Insurance Institute of America was founded in 1909. They merged with the American Institute for Property and Liability Underwriters in 1953. In 1998, the Insurance Research Council also became part of the Insurance Institute of America. They are today known as “The Institutes.” The […]

What if I have a Felony?

. Is it possible to obtain a Texas Insurance License with a felony on your record? . TDI (Texas Department of Insurance) looks at your record and makes a judgement on a Case-By-Case basis. Unless it is a particularly heinous offense, they will usually allow it. . These are the questions on your TDI application […]

One last look at the industry for 2016

. You are going to find that the world of Adjusting is a blend of help & service to those negatively impacted by an adverse event. For most adjusters, this aspect alone brings a rewarding perk that more than compensates for all their hard work which is usually in unfavorable conditions. The money pays your […]

Unique windows of opportunity

Every few years there will be a major storm, such as Sandy, Ike, Katrina and Matthew. Because of overwhelming demand for adjusters, this is a great opportunity for those who have been unable to break into the business in the past. What often happens is that new adjusters are hired in staggering numbers. Just about […]

Selecting Adjuster Firms to work with:

  Adjuster Firms have many qualified adjusters capable of working even the most difficult claims in the most difficult scenarios. . The primary challenges most IA Firms deal with is training adjusters on their rosters, and keeping up with the different requirements of the insurance companies they represent. These requirements change with the different needs […]

Industry wide survey

Industry wide survey on how Independent P&C Insurance Agencies thrive in a competitive marketplace. Independent agencies in the P&C market are optimistic about the future and expect growth to continue. Larger agencies are predicting growth in the use of technology and will be considering new systems, while smaller agencies will focus on maintenance of current […]

Challenges with an on-line course

A hard and honest look at the challenges associated with taking an on-line course;   We are all experienced with traditional classroom education, but for most of you, this is probably your first experience with studying and testing an on-line course. Everyone these days is comfortable with a computer. Between emails, social media and YouTube […]

What It Takes to get your Adjuster License Online

Do you want to become an insurance adjuster and get your adjuster license online? If you do, you must first ask yourself if you have what it takes to be one. As the video points out, you’ll need to have certain behavioral skills to become a good adjuster, such as being able to process information […]