Characteristics of Successful Adjusters

Time Management

Characteristics of successful adjusters start with time management skills. As an Independent Adjuster, most of the time, you are going to be paid on a per-claim basis. The more expeditiously you work your assigned claims, the more money you will make. Also the greater your chances will be for additional deployments from the Adjusting Firm. A GPS will save time and gas. The best tool available for adjusters (as of 2014) is Microsoft’s “Streets and Trips” software which has a data dump feature in Xactimate. This feature enables you to export all the street addresses of your assigned claims on any given day. Streets and Trips will then calculate logistically the best route to take to drive to your appointments. Eagleview is another must have tool, it can take all the roof measurements – including pitch – via satellite imagery, and do so with extreme accuracy. By employing Eagleview you can cut an hour off most claims while eliminating the risks associated with a steep and cut-up roof. Eagleview charges a fee for the service and they have several plans to fit your needs, the advantages and overall cost savings are unarguable.


As an Adjuster, you will be dealing with a wide range of emotions. Your communication skills should result in the homeowner being in a thankful and grateful frame of mind when it is all said and done. If this characteristics does not come naturally, make sure you understand how important it is and make an extra effort to ensure there is no confusion.

The first contact with a homeowner will be when you set the appointment. Be professional and reassuring on that call. You want to not only set up a time to meet, but also to ease their anxieties till then. Being empathetic and showing genuine concern will go a long way towards establishing trust. You have to reassure them that you understand the complexities of the problems this loss has caused. You also understand the importance of getting it resolved in an equitable manner as quick as possible. In most cases you will be the only point of contact the insured will have with their insurance company.  There is a serious Public Relations component that can not be understated.

Mastering Xactimate

If you’re best characteristics do not include being proficient with computers, don’t worry! You don’t have to be a computer geek, as long as you can write up a claim using Xactimate. You master this one program, and it will not matter that you can barely send and receive email! So instead of having a panic attack, realize this is just ONE program, it’s not like earning a degree in Computer Science. Take the course provided on this website… Xactimate, then practice as much as possible. This is not really optional since being certified in Xactimate is required before you can take most of the Adjuster Training courses.

Ethics & Integrity

As an adjuster there will be temptations from time to time to abuse the “power” of that position. You have a degree of latitude in the settlement process. Because of that you will be subjected to bribes from homeowners. Then there are kickbacks from contractors. But be advised, nothing will end your career faster than enriching yourself in this manner. In fact you should guard against even the appearance of impropriety, because you will have some of your settlements investigated. Having a reputation of integrity can make a big difference should you ever be falsely accused. This characteristics can not be emphasized strongly enough.

Understanding the Insurance Policy

Probably the most difficult of the successful characteristics is understanding the policy! There will be a tendency to PASS the Adjuster License course without LEARNING it! Why? Because it is boring. However, once you are deployed you will realize that a fundamental understanding is actually something you will need. Unless you are abnormal, learning this material is tantamount to torture! But go ahead and embrace the challenge and learn it anyway, otherwise it will haunt you for years. Click… Registration to get started. It is not as formidable as you may think. On each claim you will determine the relevant points of the homeowner’s policy in the context of their loss. Then you will make an appropriate settlement based on that overall assessment.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you comfortable being average, or do you want more out of life? Most people take the path of least resistance, and live colorless lives employed at mundane meaningless jobs that sucks the life right out of them! To compensate for choosing a sheltered existence, they save up all year for an outdoor challenge. They take lots of pictures to show others they have what it takes. Then they retreat back to their cubicles and post the photos on Facebook. Sadly it becomes some sort of pathetic attempt to convince their “friends” that their real life exposure consists of more than watching Netflix. There is no escaping the fact that we are a product of our experiences.

Constant and unforeseen difficulties can make or brake you. If you get discouraged when the going gets tough, then you will wash out quickly. This career requires a Make it Happen attitude with an ability to adapt and overcome. You have to expect and embrace the chaos. You need to see the obstacles as personal challenges. If you are that rare breed, then you will survive the adversities of a CAT deployment and have a long and successful career. When you tell your friends how much money you make while sharing all of the “war stories,” it will be met with a bit of skepticism. But your credibility will survive unscathed as you depart in your new sports car!


Characteristics of successful adjusters

Characteristics of successful adjusters

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 Characteristics of Successful Adjusters