Claims Investigation

Claims Investigation


Claims investigation can take several directions…
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Most claims investigation is very straight forward. The first thing is to determine weather or not the claim is actually covered in the policyholders insurance policy. Then you estimate the extent of damage and file a claim to restore conditions before the damage. Some claims investigation may only require you to verify an estimate the insured has already received. Others however, may require talking to witnesses and documenting all the evidence. This make sure the insured’s assertions can be verified in the case there is litigation.


The following is a list of possible investigative methods for an Auto claim as an example:

1. Critical Evidence

In a car wreck, you would get statements from each driver and photograph everything relevant.

2. Factual Evidence

Collect statements from the insured, the injured and any witnesses. Investigate and photograph the scene of the accident.

3. Official Reports

A. Police report
B. Motor vehicle reports
C. Reports from state motor vehicle inspectors
D. Traffic court reports
E. Arraignment in Magistrate Court
F. Fire department reports
G. Weather reports
H. Death certificates
I. Autopsy reports
J. Court records
K. Medical reports
……….a. Hospital records
……….b. Doctor reports
L. C.A.B. reports – aircrafts
M. I.C.C reports – interstate truckers
N. Coast Guard reports – boats

4. Documentary Evidence

A. Deeds
B. Leases
C. Contracts

5. Visual Evidence

A. Sketches of the scene of the accident
B. Photos
C. X-rays
D. Blueprint

6. Verification Evidence

A. Worker’s Compensation
B. Employer’s records showing loss of wages

7. Expert Evidence

A. Medical examiner
B. Actuaries
Handwriting experts
Inspector reports
Appraisal reports
Engineer reports

Claims investigation

Claims investigation

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