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Two clarifications are necessary . . .

  1. Our course “prepares” you for your license. This does not mean there is some additional course you must take! This phraseology is from the Texas Department of Insurance. In this context the word prepare means allows or grants you the license sought once you have completed one of our courses and passed the exam. Our Texas All Lines and Property & Casualty courses are approved by TDI (TXALA – Continuing Education Provider No. 75651, Course Approval No. 108197 & 101186) and is the only course & exam you will need to take to become a licensed insurance adjuster.                                                                                                                                                                                                           …………………………………………………
  2. This is a “pre-licensing course.” Again this is a phrase TDI uses to describe an approved course. The prefix pre does not mean there is another course you are required to take. It simply means this course must be taken prior to receiving your license.


ONE COURSE and ONE EXAM is all that is needed to get you licensed and started on your new career. Thanks to reciprocity, your Texas All Lines or Property & Casualty Adjuster License gives you a geographic reach of over 30 states!


Texas Department of Insurance is worried you are going to cheat! To prevent your efforts to do so, they have developed several strategies to thwart your intentions. These mandated procedures have been implemented into this web site. Don’t worry, they are of little consequence! One is in our opinion – ridiculous, but it is out of our control… every hour, you must exit the site and sign back in. We have made this as painless as possible. Every hour a Modal Window will pop up requiring your password. Once entered click on SUBMITthe page will refresh and you are on your way for another hour.  DO NOT CLICK “ENTER” ON YOUR KEYPAD.  Doing so will require you to click on “Stop Script” or “Recover Webpage” to try again.



  • After you have completed the registration you will be directed to make your payment of $229. Click on the Paypal link. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can set one up or if you simply want to pay with a credit card that option is also available on the Paypal site.
  • Once you have registered and made payment you can begin the course whenever you are ready. You will have 24/7 access. After successfully passing the exam at the end of the course, you will be mailed your completition certificate with instructions on sending it to TDI to get your license. Once submitted to TDI it generally takes two weeks for them to process and mail you your license. At that point you are a Licensed Insurance Adjuster!


Clarifications Clarifications If you are ready for a new career as an Insurance Claims Adjuster,


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Clarifications & Instructions