Course Instructions

Course Instructions


A. Your first course instructions is to click on the Registration navigation button and complete the application, including the two security questions. When finished, Click on “Submit” and enter credit card or your Paypal information.

B. You will receive a confirmation email.

C. When you are ready to get started, Click on Sign In and enter your username and password.

D. At this point you are ready to begin the course. Click on “Section 1.” If you are a returning student, you will automatically be taken to the next Section.

This a 40 hour Adjuster Training course that consists of three parts:

Study Section: The course begins with 30 hours on-line study. This covers the course materials to prepare you for the final examination. This part consists of 120 sections. Each section has five multiple choice questions. To pass and go to the next section, you must answer three of the five questions correctly.

Self-Study: When you complete the Study Section, you must download the Self-Study manual. The manual is to be used in preparation for the final examination. The Texas Department of Insurance requires you to spend a minimum of 10 hours studying this material before taking the final examination.

Final Exam: Once you have completed the Self Study part of this course, you may take the Final Examination. When you click on the link to take the exam, you are confirming that you have studied the 10 required hours.

Course instructions wrap up with the completion of Adjuster Training through TXALA. You will receive your license upon completion of the course. Decide which license you want, “All Lines” or “Property & Casualty.” The only difference of the two is the “All Lines” allows you to also work Workmans Compensation claims. Even though the difference is small, the “All lines” license enjoys greater acceptance.


Texas Department of Insurance is worried you are going to cheat! To prevent your efforts to do so, they have developed several strategies to thwart your intentions. These mandated procedures have been implemented into this web site. Don’t worry, they are of little consequence! One is in our opinion – ridiculous, but it is out of our control… every hour, you must exit the site and sign back in. We have made this as painless as possible. Every hour a Modal Window will pop up requiring your password. Once entered click onSUBMIT the page will refresh and you are on your way for another hour.  DO NOT CLICK “ENTERON YOUR KEYPAD.  Doing so will require you to click on “Stop Script” or “Recover Webpage” to try again.


Course Instructions

Course Instructions

To get started as a Claims Adjuster, you will need either the ALL LINES or PROPERTY & CASUALTY license. Click… Register. AdjusterLicenseOnline with TXALA, we offer these two courses through TEXAS. Why Texas? The Texas license is accepted in over 30 states, via reciprocity. This means that with just this one license, you can work claims in most of the country! So even if you have a license from you home state, you will still want the Texas license. Most successful adjuster have the Texas license.


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Course Instructions