Final Exam for your Texas License


final exam

Final Exam

You are given three hours (180 minutes) to take the Final Exam. The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions, each with four possible answers. You must score at least 70% to pass. A Proctor is required to monitor your taking of the exam, and they must verify no cheating takes place by way of an affidavit provided at the end of the exam. If you fail the Final Exam you will be allowed to take it three more times at no charge. There will be a $20 charge for any subsequent re-takes. Upon successfully completing the exam, you will receive a Completion Certificate sent to you by regular mail with detailed instructions on submitting it to TDI for your Texas All Lines Adjuster’s License, or your Texas Property & Casualty’s License.

Texas Department of Insurance.
333 Guadalupe
P.O. Box 149104
Austin, TX 78714
(512) 463-6169

Proctors are disinterested third parties that have no vested interest in your successful completion of the Final Exam. Or an interest in you obtaining an All Lines or P&C Adjuster License. The following are NOT considered as disinterested third parties . . . Family members, relatives, immediate supervisors or employees. (This includes an ex spouse!)

The person chosen to be your Proctor may register in advance, or do so right before you take the Final Exam.

Proctor Registration Procedures:

The first step in Proctor Registration is to agree to the following 5 guidelines:

A. You agree not to assist the student with any aspect of the exam.

B. You agree to supervise the student during their Final Exam.

C. You agree to make sure the student does not use any notes or study materials during the exam.

D. You agree to make sure the student does not talk to anyone during the exam, which includes making or taking any calls.

E. You agree to make sure the student does not take any study materials with them if they need to use the restroom.


IMPORTANT: It is strongly recommended that for this exam, you install Firefox, Bing or Google for your browser. These are all Free downloads.

NOTE: According to Prometric, a TDI testing vendor, 43% of those taking their Property/Casualty exam, failed on their first attempt. 38% of those taking their All Lines exam failed their first attempt. Don’t get discouraged!

Final Exam for your Texas LIcense

Final Exam for your Texas LIcense

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Final Exam for your Texas License