First Step.. you need to make TWO DECISIONS:

What kind of Adjuster do you want to be?

Which course should you take?


1.) What kind of Adjuster do you want to be?

There are two basic types; the Staff Adjuster and the Independent Adjuster. The Staff Adjuster is employed by a local Insurance Company and works claims in that city and surrounding communities. The Independent Adjuster works storm related claims across the country for several Adjuster Firms.

2.) Which course should you take?

The ALL LINES and the PROPERTY & CASUALTY course are virtually the same. The only difference is the ALL LINES course includes Workman’s Compensation. So if you want to be a Staff Adjuster, you will want to take the ALL LINES course since those claims are dealt with locally by Staff Adjusters. If you want to be an Independent Adjuster, it doesn’t matter which you take. The Adjusting Firms are not involved with Workman’s Comp claims, so they don’t care weather or not you are qualified to work them. Since the P&C course does not include Workman’s Comp, it is a slight bit easier.


Second Step.. choose a course:

Take This Course | $229.00

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Take This Course | $229.00


Third Step.. complete the course:

You will be mailed a completition certificate package with instructions on what needs to be sent to the Texas Department of Insurance* to get your license issued.

*Why do you need a TEXAS license? Texas was the state that literally wrote the book on Insurance. Because it is so comprehensive and so well done, most states recognize the Adjuster Licenses from Texas as valid in their own state. An Adjuster with a Texas license can work claims in over 30 states! This one license gives you a virtual nationwide reach. Even if you already have a license from your home state, you will still want a Texas license. All successful Adjusters have a Texas license.





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