Winter Storm… Uri

Largest Insurances Claims Event in History! (says Insurance Council of Texas) It has been a terrible week for so many across the southern plains. Monster winter storm ‘Uri’ has caused huge problems for a large part of the country. While states are just starting to assess the damages, we know there will be a huge […]

Writing an insurance adjuster resume

After you have your Adjuster License, you need to start contacting Adjusting firms (Go to our Site map and Click on Adjuster Firms for a list) There are 4 primary areas to focus on in your insurance adjuster claims resume. These address the particular needs of adjusting firms. #1 Interpersonal Skills: Adjusters need excellent people […]

Flood Claims & New Adjusters

by – Jesse Gibson Let’s take a look at how the recent evolution of the industry’s approach to flood claims will benefit newly licensed claims adjusters and allow them the ease of entry and early success the industry has long been known for. The nation has taken some major steps over the past couple of […]

National Flood Insurance

    Should You Get Certified? The National Flood Insurance Program is the insurance arm of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). NIFP was created in conjunction with the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 following the devastation of Hurricane Betsy. Flood losses tend to be the most costly and widespread flood damage was crippling […]

Hurricane devastation creates careers!

  “Every cloud (hurricane) has a silver lining!” Regardless of the disaster, man made, geological or weather, there are those that profit in both the short and long term. Career opportunities in Insurance Claims Adjusting are created across the country with just one strong storm. The official Atlantic hurricane season runs from June through November. […]

STAFF ADJUSTERS & the Texas license

  Employee turnover is on the mind of every potential employer as they asses your resume. Training employees – Costs by Dollar Value. The costs to replace an employee vary by their earning level, so training costs also vary. The Sasha Corporation averaged the results of 15 studies that determined average costs to replace an […]

Staff Adjuster or Independent Adjuster

Life is full of choices requiring carefully considered decisions. A career change is loaded with such options and choices.  A hastened miscalculation could cost you dearly in the long run. In the world of Insurance Adjusting the main decision that needs to be made, is which type of Adjuster is the best fit for you… […]

All Lines or P&C???

Which course should I take? Want to be an Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster, but don’t know which course to take? Do you take the ALL LINES or the PROPERTY & CASUALTY course? Every new adjuster faces this dilemma, worried a wrong choice could negatively impact their career. Let’s first go over all of the many […]

Best vehicle for an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Since there is no right or wrong answer, lets look at the different factors; Let’s start with, what is the most used vehicle in this business? Pickup truck. This is true with most construction related businesses. The Pickup reigns supreme! Status symbol? Pickup trucks are an important status symbol in most construction related fields. The […]