All Lines or P&C???

Which course should I take? Want to be an Independent Insurance Claims Adjuster, but don’t know which course to take? Do you take the ALL LINES or the PROPERTY & CASUALTY course? Every new adjuster faces this dilemma, worried a wrong choice could negatively impact their career. Let’s first go over all of the many […]

Best vehicle for an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Since there is no right or wrong answer, lets look at the different factors; Let’s start with, what is the most used vehicle in this business? Pickup truck. This is true with most construction related businesses. The Pickup reigns supreme! Status symbol? Pickup trucks are an important status symbol in most construction related fields. The […]

Hurricane Florence

So many adjusters and people interested in adjusting are disappointed that Hurricane Florence under performed! No one wants their fellow man to suffer, but every tragedy has a silver lining, and entire industries revolve around periodic ‘misfortune.’ A devastating hurricane event will provide months, if not years of adjuster employment. It is really not surprising, […]


Many adjusters team up with a family member, friend or another adjuster to share the workload, increase efficiency and complete more claims. A partner enables you to divide the responsibilities and concentrate on assigned duties. For example, while one is taking measurements on the roof, the other can be downloading the measurements into Xactimate. Then […]

Becoming a Claims Adjuster just makes sense!

In looking for a job or choosing a career, we are told repeatedly to find something that we are passionate about and if we do, it will never be a “job.” I did that. I got into the music business and worked for the two largest Rock-N-Roll productions companies in the world – Showco out […]

Increase Your Odds with Multiple Licenses

First thing is to get your All Lines or Property & Casualty Adjuster License. Then get certified with Xactimate. These first two steps are essential in becoming a Claims Adjuster. Is there anything else you can do to increase your odds with the Adjuster Firms? Of course. Additional licenses and certifications will certainly make you […]

2018 Hurricane Predictions

 . .   Hurricane Predictions: Strongest Cycle in 70 years!  Hurricane Predictions for 2018: Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) was cited by news media as the only major hurricane prediction organization that correctly predicted the hyperactive 2017 Atlantic hurricane season from beginning to end, and the destructive United States hurricane landfalls. . The media also noted […]

Ruined Cars

. More Cars Ruined Than Any Single Event in the US. . Enormous plots of land have been turned into vehicle graveyards. . When a devastating flood event like Hurricane Harvey hits a city like Houston, the result is car Armageddon. . A new report from Car and Driver found as many as 1 million […]

Fee Schedules Explored

Everyone want to know about getting paid. In most professions, it is rather straight forward, you are either paid a wage, a salary or a commission. As an Adjuster, you are paid as an Independent Contractor. Some IA Firms pay on a daily rate, but in most cases, Adjusters are paid a percentage of the […]

Diversity – Adjusting & You

Adjusting firms are in fierce competition for the work offered by the Insurance Companies. Having competent Adjusters is a given and fully expected. So how does an IA Firm differentiate themselves from the others? Diversity! In today’s world, having a diverse work force is essential for survival. Several companies have taken a quantum leap in […]