Ruined Cars

. More Cars Ruined Than Any Single Event in the US. . Enormous plots of land have been turned into vehicle graveyards. . When a devastating flood event like Hurricane Harvey hits a city like Houston, the result is car Armageddon. . A new report from Car and Driver found as many as 1 million […]

Fee Schedules Explored

Everyone want to know about getting paid. In most professions, it is rather straight forward, you are either paid a wage, a salary or a commission. As an Adjuster, you are paid as an Independent Contractor. Some IA Firms pay on a daily rate, but in most cases, Adjusters are paid a percentage of the […]

Diversity – Adjusting & You

Adjusting firms are in fierce competition for the work offered by the Insurance Companies. Having competent Adjusters is a given and fully expected. So how does an IA Firm differentiate themselves from the others? Diversity! In today’s world, having a diverse work force is essential for survival. Several companies have taken a quantum leap in […]

Texas Claims Adjuster

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is about the “Texas” license. Why is it important? How is it important? Do I really need one? What if I already have a license from another state? What do I have to do to get one? And where is the best place to get a […]

How are CAT Adjusters paid?

Let’s first establish the ‘Job Description’ of a Catastrophe Adjuster… A CAT Adjuster denies, settles, or authorizes payments to property claims based on coverage, appraisal, and verifiable damage. The adjuster then prepares reports of investigation findings and files the claim with the Adjuster Firm (IA Firm) they are deployed with. Independent CAT Adjusters get paid […]

Five steps in working a Personal Injury claim

. 1. Get the Insured’s Story How does the adjuster prepare for making an offer? The adjuster wants to find out what the insured has to say about what happened. The adjuster will read any written police report or accident report, and may talk to the insurer to hear the insurer’s story firsthand. 2. Investigate […]


A college degree is great, but it is also very over-rated. Most employers see a degree as a four year initiation you survived. All it does is tell them that you stuck with it and suffered through a lot of work to graduate. It does, however, give them a clue as to who you are. […]

Are you a Felon?

The reality of life in the US today is that no body is perfect! Most people have had bad credit at one time or another, and many have made more serious mistakes that have resulted in the most serious challenge to their future… . a Felony on their record. . A felony for many professions […]

Floods & Auto Claims

. There were over 500,000 auto claims filed with Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Harvey is expected to considerably exceed Sandy’s devastation. So how much work is that? How many adjusters are typically needed in a major flood? Hard numbers are difficult to come by, but consider this, during Hurricane Sandy, State Farm had 1,100 adjusters in […]

Natural Disasters

It is important to be aware of the areas of the country most affected by natural disasters and what time of the year they normally occur. The most common disasters are; earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, hail, floods and forest fires. . Starting a new career as an Insurance Claims adjuster, you may want to consider relocating […]