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Why Should You Get Your Texas Adjuster License Online?

If you want to become a Texas insurance adjuster, you can always get your license by enrolling in and attending a traditional brick & mortar type class. There’s nothing wrong with this, but you have to realize you have a better option… Online! All of the Adjuster courses you need are available on this website –

Why should you take online courses? Well, there are several reasons to do so, such as:

Saving time

Consider the disruption to your life if you pursue your Adjuster license from a traditional classroom scenario. If you’re working, you are going to have to get several days off. Perhaps you could use vacation days – probably not.  In all likelihood, the closest available class will be in another city, which means a lengthy drive.

Now think of the advantages of taking the same course online…  No missing work, and No long drive!  Instead, you just free up a portion of your daily schedule and use it to study.  And, you don’t have to take a hit in pay by missing several days of work.

Saving money

Online courses are usually cheaper than traditional classes because there’s no need to pay a teacher to walk you through the course. Since you will be taking the course at home, you save money on the gas that would have been needed to drive to the city that is offering the course. And if it is in another city, you would save on hotel expenses by taking it online. Even if the class is available in your city, you would still have to drive there and back each day.

Completing the course at your own pace

Here at, we don’t put any time restrictions on our courses, and we allow our students to finish everything at their own pace. This is great for those who are busy with their work and other responsibilities and can only study whenever they have free time. This is also an ideal set-up for those who learn at a different pace and need more time to study their lessons and finish their coursework.

The only thing that’s time-dependent is the online test for the Texas Adjuster License. There are 150 questions that must be answered in 180 minutes or three hours. It’s not a problem if you can’t answer all the questions; as long as you receive a score of 70 or higher, you pass the exam and will receive a Completition Certificate that qualifies you for your license.

Having access to additional resources doesn’t only provide online Texas adjuster courses; we also offer additional resources to our students to guide them on their journey to becoming Texas insurance adjusters. We have articles that cover a wide range of topics including course instructions, licensing requirements, final exam overviews, and adjuster career information, ensuring that our students will have all the information they need to finish their coursework and get started on their career path.

As has been pointed out, taking an online insurance adjuster course has substantial benefits. Sign up for our online All Lines or Property & Casualty* course now to take advantage of those perks!

[We offer the TEXAS All Lines and P&C courses. Why is having your license from Texas important? Texas has reciprocity with over 30 other states. This one license enables you to work claims in most of the country. Even if you already have a license from your home state, you will still want a Texas license. This also makes you a more valuable asset to any Adjusting or IA Firm!]

*  Which course should I take? The only difference in the All Lines and the Property & Casualty courses is Worker’s Compensation. The P&C course does not include Worker’s Compensation. (Honestly, few Adjusters want to mess with Worker’s Compensation. You are an Independent Adjuster, so you have the final decision as to what claims you work. But, even if you plan to never do any Worker’s Comp claims, it is still a plus to have it on your resume.) Bottom line, it makes little difference which license you pick.

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