Online Vs Classroom Training


online V. classroom training



The benefits of Online Training  vs.  Live Classroom Training:






Enables individuals in distant or disadvantaged locations to get the training.

No travel expense! Save the costs on hotels, gas, meals and other assorted costs.

Typically, classroom courses are four to five days long. That means you need to get time off from your current job and make arrangements for your family, pets, etc. By choosing to get your training online, you fit the course into your schedule.

You are able to set the pace… Charge through the course, or take as much time as you need.

Take breaks when YOU need them, not when an instructor determines you need one. It’s hard to concentrate and retain information if you are needing a break!

You can go back over sessions to make sure you understand the information correctly. A live class can’t stop to go back over an entire section just because a student might be a little unclear on aspects just covered.

Access your course 24/7. If you’re a night owl, you can study all night. If you’re an early bird, you can study while the rest of the world is still sleeping. Also, take advantage of your lunch break at work.

Computer, tablet and smart phone accessible.  Any time you have time, log on and work wherever you might find yourself. Flexibility makes online training perforable to classroom training for most students.


Most studies show online students outperform their more traditional classroom counterparts. But some indicate that there is little difference in overall performance between the two formats, according to the American Sociology Association. However, one major difference is that student learning style plays a role in each format’s success. Students that are highly self-directed, likely thrive in an online environment, while those that tend to rely on instructors for direction may struggle. Similarly, extroverted individuals enjoy face-to-face classroom interactions may do better in a classroom situation, while introverted people usually do better in the solitary environment of online training.

Classroom and online training both have their pros and cons. Some content seems to lend itself more towards one or the other. People learn in many different ways. Some like reading, others listening, and others watching. An online course can offer many different ways of learning. Images, audio, text, animation, case studies, games, etc., can engage learners.  When you think about and consider all the pros and cons of Online Vs Classroom Training, taking the course at home on your computer just makes more sense.

online vs classroom

Online vs classroom training
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Online VS Classroom Training