Requirements for All Lines and P&C

Requirements for the Texas All Lines Adjuster License:

A. Must be 18 years of age

B. Must be a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the US Immigration and Naturalization Services

C. Must take a certified adjuster pre-licensing course, or…

D. Successfully complete the Prometric State Exam

E. If a non-resident applicant holds a license in another state that allows Texas adjusters to operate within their jurisdiction, that applicant does not need to take the state exam pre-licensing course (State Requirements)

Exemption: Adjusters holding an AIC or CPCU are not required to pass the state exam or take a pre-licensing course.


Requirements for all lines and P&C Requirements for all lines and P&C

To get started as an Insurance Adjuster, you need either the ALL LINES or PROPERTY & CASUALTY license. AdjusterLicenseOnline with TXALA offer both of these courses from the state of TEXAS. Why is that important? Texas has reciprocity with over 30 states, which means you have the ability to work claims in all of those states. So the Texas license gives you a large geographic reach. Even if you have a license in another state, you will still want a Texas license. Most successful adjusters have a Texas license. Click here to REGISTER.


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