Rosters & Adjusting Firms

Rosters & Adjusting Firms


Insurance Adjusting Firms maintain rosters of qualified Adjusters. These are proved adjusters they can count on to work claims anywhere in the country in the event of a natural disaster. The Texas All-Lines and P&C Adjuster Licenses are the industry’s preferred licenses. Most companies require you to have a Texas License before being placed on their rosters.

In any catastrophic event, the insurance companies are required by law to handle claims within strict deadlines. To insure compliance, penalties are severe. So they need adjusters trained and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

(The Property & Casualty license is the same as the All Lines license, with one exception… an adjuster with a P&C license is not certified to work Worker’s Compensation claims. Most adjusters who choose the P&C license, do so because they do not want to mess with Worker’s Comp. But the reality is, you are an independent contractor, you do not have to accept ANY assignment! There is another reality to consider, if an IA Firm is choosing between an adjuster with an All Lines license and another adjuster with a P&C license, the All Lines adjuster has an edge.)

A newly licensed Texas Adjuster should join multiple rosters. This is the best way to start your career.

Do not lie about your experience. Assume they already have that information! And do not turn down any assignment when starting your career.

Most Adjusting firms will allow you to work with other companies. Make sure you notify them when you take an assignment from another company. And let them know you will call them when you become available. This will allow you to stay in good standing with the companies you are listed with.

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Rosters and Adjusting Firms Rosters and Adjusting Firms

To get started as an Insurance Adjuster, you need either the ALL LINES or PROPERTY & CASUALTY license. TXALA offers both of these courses with a TEXAS license. Why Texas? Texas has reciprocity with over 30 states, which gives you an almost nationwide reach with just one license! So even if you already have a license from your home state, you still need a Texas license. Click here to REGISTER.


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Rosters & Adjusting Firms