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Course Instructions

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All Lines Adjuster License

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Basics of Adjusting

Insurance Adjuster License 

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CAT Adjuster

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Types of Claims

State Farm Certification

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Characteristics of Successful Adjusters

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Earnings Potential

Why be an Adjuster?

Ready for drones?

The Future of Catastrophe Adjusting

Online Adjuster License

Online test for Texas Adjuster License

Texas Adjuster

Texas Adjuster License

Adjuster Training

10 Reasons to Become an Adjuster


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Texas All Lines Adjusting (TXALA) is a nnext-generationtraining course designed by Adjusters who wanted a simpler and more realistic training experience. We have toned down most of the insurance jargon that is so pervasive in the industry, making the crucial information you require easier to understand and put into practice. By eliminating the jargon and much of the legalistic phraseology provided by the Texas Department of Insurance, we dramatically enhance your understanding of what would otherwise seem convoluted and redundant.

Our mission is to adequately prepare you for the final exam. This is a 40 hour course that allows you the convenience to study and work online 24/7. TXALA follows the mandated format as directed by the Texas Department of Insurance, which consists of reading assignments accompanied by quizzes, a 10 hour self study assignment you print out, followed by a 150 question proctored final examination. Our course is highly interactive and very easy to use.


Sitemap - (TXALA) Sitemap - (TXALA)

To become an insurance adjuster, you need either the ALL LINES or PROPERTY & CASUALTY license. AdjusterLicenseOnline with TXALA offer both of these licenses through the state of TEXAS. Why is this important? Texas literally wrote the book on insurance. They did such a good and comprehensive job on it, that over 30 states have ‘adopted’ it via reciprocity. This one license gives you a virtual nationwide reach, with the ability to work claims in all of those states! So even if you have a license in another state, you will still want a Texas license. To get started, click Register.


Sitemap – Adjuster License Online