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Many times when an individual researches a career as an Insurance Claims Adjuster, one of the first ‘requirements’ they encounter is the State Farm Certification. The impression generally given, is that it is absolutely essential to have this before even considering a career in this field. It is definitely something a serious minded adjuster will want, but just how important is it?

Getting your career off to a good start depends on how high you are ranked on the different rosters. So what resume listings have the greatest impact? Having a degree is nice, but having been a contractor, roofer, construction worker, etc., is more relevant to this industry. Make sure you list any home or construction related experience, and any Military experience. Have you sold roofs? Have you hung drywall? Have you done any installation work? Have you worked in the HVAC industry? Any experience in landscaping, fencing, plumbing or painting? These types of experience will enhance your resume. But there are 4 things anyone serious about this business needs to have on their resume ASAP;

1. Adjuster License

You need either the All Lines or Property & Casualty license to become an adjuster. We recommend the All Lines license. This license enables you to work every type of claim. Having that ability makes you a more valuable asset to an adjusting firm than someone with only a P&C license. And of course, you want that license from TEXAS! Only a Texas license has reciprocity in over 30 states. This gives you a virtual nation-wide reach, which is a sizable advantage over the adjuster who is only licensed in their home state. Both the All Lines and P&C courses are available on this website, just click… “Get Started

2. Xactimate

You must have an Xactimate certification. Almost all insurance companies use this estimating program to work and file their claims. Estimating a claim is the most time consuming part of the entire claims process. So not only do you need to get this certification, but you must practice and become as proficient as possible. After you have passed the course for your Adjuster License and have mailed the required paperwork to the Texas Department of Insurance to get your license, you have about two weeks before you receive your license in the mail. Use that time to get your Xactimate certification, that way when your license arrives, you will be ready for the next step… Adjuster Training. The Xactimate course is available on this website, click on “Additional Courses

3. Adjuster Training

All of the adjusting firms (CAT firms or IA firms), give you introductory adjuster training in what happens in a deployment. How to scope the damages, how to measure, how to take photos and how to fill out the claims on Xactimate. You are also instructed in the procedures and protocols of the insurance companies the firm represents. You need to get this adjuster training from at least one firm, but two would be better.

4. State Farm Certification

State Farm is the largest insurance company in the U.S. They are twice as big as the # 2 company Allstate. For example, during Hurricane IKE, State Farm deployed over 1,000 adjusters to the Houston area alone! Not only is State Farm the largest insurance company, they are the only insurance company that requires you to have taken their certification course before you can work their claims. So this certification definitely helps your placement on the rosters. If you don’t have your State Farm certification, there are plenty of other claims with other insurance companies that will still need your services.

When State Farm calls, these Adjuster Firms want to have as many State Farm certified adjusters on their rosters as possible. When the disaster is extreme, the number of these adjusters available is often exhausted, in which case, State Farm will issue provisional certificates (typically good for 30 days) to make up the difference. The certification takes two days. The first day consists of an initial 6 hour Interactive Distance Learning segment. This segment is streamed from State Farm to the classroom. The material covers protocol specific to handling State Farm claims.  The second day is comprised of the two certification exams:

1.   .Wind/Hail

2.    Estimatic

Unfortunately, this training is only available in six locations around the country and the firms are only allowed to offer the certification on a quarterly basis. (State Farm does not offer their own certification course – it is only available from Pilot, Worley, Eberls, E.A. Renfroe  and The Best IRS.)

Pilot  —  Dallas, TX   &   Mobile, AL

Worley  —  Hamond, LA

Eberls  —  Lakewood, CO

E.A. Renfroe  —  Birmingham, AL

.Th eThe Best IRS  —  Phoenix, AZ 

For reasons unknown, these courses are not promoted on the firms’ websites or made available to the general public. In order to qualify to get the certification, most of the firms require you to already be on their roster. Registration must be completed as much as a month prior to the actual training dates. Plus there is a good amount of prep work and studying that you’ll need to do prior to the training.


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