Who needs a Texas License?


Because the Texas License is ESSENTIAL for a lucrative career.


⦁ The Texas Adjuster License (All Lines or P&C) are the most respected licenses in the country, which makes these licenses the most profitable.
⦁ Texas was the state that literally wrote the book on Insurance. Because it is so comprehensive and so well done, most states recognize the Adjuster Licenses from Texas as valid in their own state.
⦁ The All Lines Adjuster License is the broadest license available. It allows an adjuster to work the following claims: Residential | Commercial | Auto | Farm and Ranch | Inland Marine | Ocean Marine and Worker’s Compensation.
⦁ As an adjuster with a Texas License, you have the ability to work claims in over 30 states. This gives you a large geographical range in which to operate.
⦁ State exams are notoriously difficult. Pre-licensing courses are designed to be as student friendly as possible. So Texas allows students to take approved pre-licensing courses rather than the state insurance adjuster exams.
⦁ The Texas license, makes a Texas adjuster a valuable addition to any roster.

Over 30 states grant reciprocal licensing to insurance adjusters with a Texas Adjuster License. You still have to apply for the licenses in those state. But there is NO further exam requirements. With just one exam, you can have an insurance adjuster license in over 30 states!
As in any industry, you have to position yourself to be the best candidate possible for the job. Having an Adjuster License with Texas, gives you reciprocity in over 30 states. This makes you a more attractive prospect. Most successful adjusters have the Texas license. Even if you are just wanting to be a Staff Adjuster, having a Texas License is still recommended. Staff Adjusters occasionally do travel to other states. Bottom line, it is a serious resume enhancement for a Staff Adjuster and a must have for an Independent Adjuster.


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